Shilpi Story

The story of a brave eleven year old girl from slums of Dhaka.

Shilpi is an eleven years old girl with a cheerful heart and eyes full of hope. She has been living her whole life in the Chalantika slum in the capital of Banladesh. Her father has been working for years as a beggar, which he keeps secret from his daughter and rest of the family. He seldom gives any money back at home. The burned of the living expenses sit on the shoulders of Shilpi’s mother. She works as a house maid for only one family, which means she does not earn much. “We have only enough to have a meal or two per day”, mutters Shilpi at the hall of the Chalantika Children’s project which was built and has been sponsored by ADRA Czech. ADRA is Adventist Relief Agency, an international non government humanitarian and aid agency supporting the poor and needy all over the world. I have had a chance to visit their projects and through them I had the opportunity to record a short video about Shilpi’s family and her story. 

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